May 8

Greetings to the technological world!

My name is Jen Resch and I am a beginner blogger!  I am also a mother, wife, teacher, and technology advocate.  I believe technology is an amazing tool that can be used to advance and enhance pretty much anything.  However, I will use the over-quoted phrase “with great power, comes great responsibility“.

Technology is amazing and I have witnessed both adults and students use the advancements technology has afforded them to do spectacular things; however, I have also witnessed the detrimental consequences technology has had on our society.  This blog will explore technology and my thoughts on a series of different debate topics presented in my EC&I 830 masters class.  In addition, I will provide you, my faithful reader, with suggested links to other blogs, websites, or videos that may provide additional information on each of the topics discussed.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach in a Connected Educator classroom.  This means I have 1-1 laptops for my students to use all the time.  I have fully integrated technology into my classroom and strive to teach my students to be good digital citizens.  I have learned that technology is a blessing and we cannot abuse that blessing.  My students appreciate that they have been given a fantastic opportunity and not to take it for granted.  As an educator, I also strive to teach my students how to use their technology to make life easier.  This includes teaching them proper typing strategies, file saving and organizing, editing and revising documents, and different applications to enhance their work.

The outcomes I have observed in my students over the past few years have astounded me.  My students have created pieces of work that have far surpassed my expectations and I look forward to seeing how far they continue to grow!

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