June 25

Summary of Learning

PHEW, I made it!  I am going to begin by expressing how much I enjoyed taking this class!  I have been working with technology in the classroom for several years now and every year I learn more.  Technology is always improving and changing the way we do things, the way we teach, and the way we learn.  Every year my students are experiencing new things and I am pushing myself to keep up with them!  These experiences mean that I need to ensure I am staying informed and up to date with the possible risks technology can pose to my students. Teaching and modeling digital citizenship is increasingly important.  I cannot simply complete a series and lessons and then drop it.  I must reinforce the skills and concepts continually throughout the course of the school year.  Students learn through practice.  The need to be reminded and they need to see their teacher also modeling those same skills.

The growth I continue to see with my students as they experience the digital world has been remarkable.  In this class I have heard several people comment about how we need to find a balance with technology.  I completely agree.  Digital integration is not about going paperless.  It is about reinforcing a solid pedagogy that is supported through the use of technology.  If a teacher does not know why she is using technology, then there is a BIG problem.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to add to my learning journey.  Though I have been working with technology in the classroom extensively, it has only been for two years!  I still have a lot to learn and I cannot wait to see what is in store.

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  1. Shelby Mackey

    I absolutely loved watching yours and Dawn’s video last night! I thought it was really well done and summed up our course nicely. I loved the personal touch and experiences you incorporated and it makes me jealous that this is your every day environment and teaching style! Awesome job! 🙂


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