January 13

EDL 820

Instructional technology is relatively new to education.  The role of being a leader with instructional technology one which is still evolving and changing within education.  I have been fortunate to be part of an educational technology program within my school division called Connected Educators.  This is an application based program where teachers integrate technology within their classrooms in meaningful and useful ways.  In addition, teachers receive training to take on the role of being leaders in technology within their school setting.  I have been involved in this program for three years now and have enjoyed seeing my students thrive using technology to enhance their learning experiences.  I have also enjoyed guiding fellow teachers in their technology integration and supporting them with their questions and problems.  I believe technology within the classroom is not going away, but rather it will continue to grow, so it is our part, as educators, to grow with technology and help set our students up for success in this ever changing technological world.